MarsProxy - Terms of Service

This agreement is a contract between you and the MarsProxy website (,here in after referred to as "this website"). Please read this Registration Agreement carefully. This Agreement is a binding contract between the parties.

This website's products and services are made available to users by Mars Data, which also updates the service's material on a regular basis (hereafter referred to as "Mars Data service" or "this service"). The page display of the most recent MarsProxy services, along with any linked goods and services, are contingent upon the users actually receiving them.

1. General

Before using the service, you certify that you have carefully read, comprehended, and accepted the whole terms of service. You agree to abide by all conditions of the service once you click "Agree" and finish the registration process or use the service.

You acknowledge and agree that MarsProxy may unilaterally modify these terms of service and the applicable service rules at any time and that it may publish the modified terms in news feeds, webpage announcements, etc. If you continue to use this service after the content announcement is changed, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to the revised agreement and will use the service in accordance with the revised agreement.

2. Account

2.1 Registration

You certify that you are a natural person, a legal person, or another organization (hereinafter collectively referred to as "legal subject") with full capacity for civil rights and full capacity for civil conduct when you complete the registration process or actually use the service in other ways permitted by MarsProxy.

MarsProxy reserves the right to cancel (permanently freeze) your account and target you and your guardian's claim if you are a minor or a person with limited civil capacity and do not meet the requirements listed above. You and your guardian will also be responsible for any consequences brought on by your improper registration.

2.2 Account and real-name authentication

You are bound by these Terms of Service when you actually use the services of this website in a way that Easy HTTP permits after filling out the information requested on the registration page, reading and agreeing to the terms of service, and finishing all registration procedures, or after filling out the information requested on the activation page, reading and agreeing to the terms of service, and finishing all activation procedures, or after using other products. You can access this website using the supplied or verified email address, mobile phone number, or other methods allowed by MarsProxy.You acknowledge that after successfully registering on this website and completing the registration process, you will be granted access to a MarsProxy account.

A legal entity is currently permitted to have several MarsProxy accounts, but each account can only be associated with one legal entity. Your MarsProxy account may not be given away, transferred, or inherited in any way unless required by law, established by a valid court order, or permitted under MarsProxy's published terms. At the same time, MarsProxy has the right to demand that you, the assignee, or your successor present qualifying papers and adhere to the operational requirements set forth by MarsProxy when you transfer, gift, or inherit a qualified MarsProxy account.

You recognize and acknowledge that MarsProxy reserves the right to, at any time, request that you authenticate your account using your real name in order to ensure account and transaction security. At the same time, MarsProxy may also ask for additional information in order to activate particular products or services. You won't be allowed to utilize the relevant product or service until your account has successfully completed these certifications and verifications.

In order for MarsProxy or other members to efficiently contact you, you need completely fill out and promptly update your contact information, including your email address, phone number, address, and zip code. Any loss or cost increase shall be the exclusive responsibility of Socks5 services. You recognize and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep the contact information you supply current. You should adhere to the MarsProxy standards if there are any updates that need to be made.

2.3 Account Security

You alone are accountable for maintaining the privacy of your login information and password for your MarsProxy account, as well as for any actions taken using those credentials (including but not limited to information disclosure,posting information,clicking on the Internet to agree or submit various rules and agreements,online renewing an agreement or purchasing a service,etc.)

Your BITKOP account and password may not be transferred, gifted, or inherited in any way unless required by law or judicial order and with BITKOP's permission (except property rights related to the account).

You acknowledge and agree that MarsProxy has the right to request true, complete, and accurate information from you and has the right to do so. If MarsProxy has a good faith belief that the information you provide is untrue, you engage in fraudulent activity, or your actions violate the terms of the MarsProxy website, MarsProxy reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate your use of the products and services on this website.

You acknowledge and consent to the right of MarsProxy to monitor your personal information in accordance with the needs of national judicial, administrative, military, security, and other organs (including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorial organs, courts, customs, taxation organs, security departments, etc.). Moreover, you can audit or suspend accounts and transactions on this platform.

2.4 Account Cancellation

MarsProxy maintains the right to suspend or terminate any or all of the services it offers you if you break local, state, or federal laws and regulations or its terms of service, up until the point at which you cancel your MarsProxy account.

Log out using your username: You will no longer be allowed to access the Mars Data website if you have not logged in for 12 months in a row using your email address, cell phone number, or other means and passwords authorized by this website, and there are no services that are still active under your account.

3. The following are the terms of use of the website service

You acknowledge that you must abide by the following guidelines in order to use this service in a way that effectively protects your legal rights and interests:

3.1 You are liable for any outcomes that result from MarsProxy executing the aforementioned instructions. The instructions you submit to MarsProxy in the following methods, including but not limited to your own instructions, are irrevocable or revocable.

All acts taken using your password and MarsProxy account; All data provided to MarsProxy using the cellphone number associated with your account; MarsProxy's agreement to any further means agreed to by you or MarsProxy.

3.2 The applicable guidelines for your usage of this service throughout your use are contained in these terms of service, any transaction operation prompts that appear on the page, or any information (text messages, phone calls, etc.) supplied by the MarsProxy to your mobile phone. You agree to accept the applicable terms of service by using this service. You acknowledge and accept that Mars Data has the authority to unilaterally change the applicable terms of service without your permission. When you use the service, the page prompts (or text messages or phone calls on mobile devices, etc.) will determine the terms of service.Your agreement to and compliance with the service rules is a prerequisite for your use of the service.

3.3 MarsProxy may send you an email (or text messages or phone calls to your mobile phone, etc.) to let you know how the service is going and prompt you to move on to the next phase, but it cannot promise that you will receive it or that you will receive it within a specific amount of time. Without any repercussions, send email (or text messages, phone calls, etc.) to a mobile phone. As a result, you should log in to this website during the service process in order to view and complete transaction procedures. MarsProxy disclaims all liability for any disputes or damages brought on by your failure to review, update, or confirm the service status or timely submit necessary applications.

3.4 You provide permission for MarsProxy to check your credentials and identity with a third party in order to evaluate information about your use of this service.

3.5 MarsProxy has the right to charge you service fees when you use its services in accordance with the associated product/service fee introductions, orders, and/or related agreements. MarsProxy retains the authority to establish and modify service charges. The precise service cost is subject to any formal agreements between you and MarsProxy or notice of the payment mechanism specified on the page when you use this service.

3.6 If you use the Service, you will purchase and utilize any goods or services from third parties, and you might also be subject to their applicable terms and conditions. You and this third party continue to have a legal relationship independent of these Terms of Service.

4. Your rights and obligations

4.1 When using MarsProxy's services, you have the right to take advantage of the Internet technology and information services that are offered to you. You also have the right to technical assistance, consulting, and other services from MarsProxy. For information regarding the service content, please see the related product introduction on this page.

4.2 You promise not to interfere with this website, either technically or in any other way.

4.3 You must respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of MarsProxy and other third parties, and you must promise to take all reasonable precautions to prevent the harm or loss of MarsProxy and its shareholders, employees, partners, etc. If you violate MarsProxy's legitimate rights and interests, MarsProxy reserves the right to suspend your service without providing a refund.

4.4 You must abide by the terms of service, management specifications, procedures, service descriptions, price descriptions, and your confirmation of MarsProxy on the applicable pages of and MarsProxy signed with MarsProxy when using products or services from Mars Data. Accept the order page's content, which may include but is not limited to:

You and your affiliates are not subject to any trade restrictions, sanctions, or other legal restrictions imposed by any nation, international organization, or territory. You and your affiliates shall make payments on time. There shall be no acts harming or attempting to undermine network security.

MarsProxy reserves the right to take action to delete information, suspend services, terminate services in accordance with the applicable terms of service, and restrict some or all of the functions of your account, such as newly purchased products or services, renewals, etc., if you violate the aforementioned guarantees. You must make amends if your aforementioned acts result in losses for Mars Data.

5. Rights and obligations of MarsProxy

5.1 MarsProxy will provide you with qualified network technology and information services according to the service and payment conditions you choose.

5.2 MarsProxy undertakes to take external confidentiality measures for your information,not to disclose your information to third parties,nor to authorize third parties to use your information,unless:

Available in accordance with these Terms of Service or other service agreements,contracts,online terms,etc. between you and MarsProxy;

Provided in accordance with laws and regulations;

Administrative,judicial and other competent departments require MarsProxy to provide;

You agree to provide MarsProxy to third parties;

Filed by MarsProxy to resolve reported incidents and file lawsuits;

Submitted by MarsProxy to take necessary and reasonable action to prevent serious violations or suspected criminal conduct;

What MarsProxy provides to third parties in order to provide you with products,services and information,including when MarsProxy provides products,services and information to you through third-party technologies and services.

5.3 MarsProxy reserves the right to deduct relevant service fees directly from your account balance in accordance with the terms of service and your service usage.

5.4 In any of the following circumstances,MarsProxy has the right to freeze some or all of the account funds in your name:

Provisions of national laws,regulations,policies and legal documents:

When the national competent authority requests freezing:

Your use of the MarsProxy service is suspected of violating national laws,regulations and administrative regulations;

When MarsProxy unilaterally and reasonably judges that there is an abnormality in your account operation,fund inflow and outflow,etc.;

Mistaken transfer of funds into your account by others may result in your unjust enrichment:

You have been complained by another person and the other party has provided certain evidence:

MarsProxy uses its own reasonable judgment to consider other situations that may lead to risks.

6. Protection of Privacy and Other Personal Information

Once you agree to these terms of service or use the service,you agree to Mars Data's use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the following terms.

6.1 Login and Password

When you register for an account,MarsProxy will ask you to set up a Mars Data account login and password to identify you,and a password question and answer to confirm your identity if you lose your password. You can only use the account with the password you set. If you disclose your password,you may lose your personally identifiable information,which may have adverse legal consequences for you. When accounts and passwords are potentially or actually dangerous for any reason,you should contact MarsProxy immediately and MarsProxy will not be liable until MarsProxy takes action.

6.2 Bank Account Information

If the services provided by MarsProxy require you to provide your bank account information,MarsProxy will strictly implement the relevant confidentiality agreement after you provide the corresponding information.

6.3 Login record

In order to ensure the safety of your use of this service and to continuously improve the service quality,MarsProxy will record and save the relevant information about your login and use of this service,but MarsProxy promises not to provide such information to any third party (unless the parties agree otherwise). Agreement or otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations and MarsProxy affiliates).

6.4 Advertising

MarsProxy will collect comprehensive statistics on the identity data of Mars Data users and use or disclose it for sales and reward purposes.

7. System outages or malfunctions

MarsProxy will not be liable for damages when the system may not work properly due to the following circumstances,making you unable to use various Internet services,including but not limited to:

The MarsProxyperforms maintenance during system downtime.

Telecommunications equipment cannot transmit data.

Due to force majeure factors such as typhoons,earthquakes,tsunamis,floods,power outages,wars,terrorist attacks,etc.,the HTTP proxy system of Mars Data is blocked and cannot conduct business.

Service interruption or delay due to hacker attacks,technical adjustments or failures in the telecommunications sector,website upgrades,banking problems,etc.

8. Scope of Liability and Limitation of Liability

8.1 MarsProxy is only responsible for services for which the scope of responsibility listed in these Terms is covered.

8.2 The cooperative unit of this service is responsible for the quality and content of the service provided by the cooperative unit.

8.3 You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for any third party claims arising out of your use of the Service,breach of these Terms of Service or any action taken under your account. If MarsProxy and its affiliates,employees,customers and partners are claimed by third parties as a result,you shall be responsible for handling and assume all responsibilities arising therefrom.

8.4 To the extent permitted by law,MarsProxy shall not be liable for any indirect,punitive,special and consequential damages (including lost business,lost revenue,lost profits,lost data use,goodwill or other economic benefits) liability,whether arising out of breach of these Terms of Service (including breach of warranty) or tort,even if prior notice of the possibility of such damages is made. In addition,MarsProxy shall not be liable for such damages even if the exclusive remedies provided in these Terms of Service fail of their essential purpose.

9.the user's legal obligations of words and deeds

This agreement is formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations,and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:

(1) Do not disseminate or publish: speeches that incite protests,undermine the implementation of the Constitution,laws and administrative regulations,incite subversion of state power,overthrow the socialist system,incite speeches to split the country,undermine ethnic unity,incite ethnic hatred,ethnic discrimination,sabotage national unity;

(2) The transmission of data and information from mainland China to overseas must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

(3) Do not use this site to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering,stealing business secrets,stealing personal information;

(4) shall not interfere with the normal operation of this website,and shall not invade this website and the national computer information system;

(5) Not to disseminate or publish any illegal,harassing,slanderous,abusive,threatening,harmful,vulgar,obscene or uncivilized information materials;

(6) Not to disseminate or publish information materials or speeches that harm the country and the country's public interests and involve national security;

(7) Not instigating others to engage in acts prohibited by this article;

(8) Accounts registered on this site shall not be used for profit-making business activities;

(9) Do not publish any content that infringes upon others’ copyright,trademark and other intellectual property rights or legal rights;

Users should pay attention to and abide by various laws and regulations published or modified by this site from time to time.

This site reserves the right to delete all kinds of information content on this site that do not comply with legal policies or false information without notifying users.

If the user fails to comply with the above provisions,this site has the right to make an independent judgment and take measures such as suspending or closing the user account. Users shall be responsible for their own words and deeds online,and bear the relevant responsibilities themselves.

10. Agreement Update and User Attention

The terms of this agreement may be modified by the MarsProxy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; the modified agreement shall supersede the original and become effective immediately upon posting on this website. Users are required to pay attention to and read the most recent version of the agreement and website announcement, which they can access at any time by logging into the most recent agreement. If the user does not accept the new agreement, he or she may cease using the services made available by this agreement immediately; nevertheless, if the user uses the services made available by this website, it is assumed that the user accepts the updated agreement. Before using this website, the MarsProxy advises that you read this agreement and this website.If this agreement is declared to be repealed in whole or in part.